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Digital Book Labs, Top Book Marketing Agency. Founded in 1997, Digital Book Labs has evolved from a one-room book promotion start-up to one of the largest book promotion enterprises in the industry. Our book promotion agency came into being with an aim to offer unparalleled services to authors by promoting their books. We are committed to making you and your book newsworthy. We have a boasting track record of promoting thousands of books of various genres, through our traditional and self-publishing services.

We customize our marketing services based on the goals of the author and the book. We focus on:

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  • Boosting the sales of the book
  • Build and grow author brands
  • Create awareness for speaking activities
  • Allow authors to use their work and the coverage as promotional tools to attract new audiences, sales, consultancy opportunities, and much more.

Digital Book Labs has transformed the way of making authors and their works newsworthy. Although, we are based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, our reach and influence are global. We have pushed many books to the best-sellers shelf through our book marketing services. Our team of book marketing experts has helped many individuals accomplish their dream of becoming a best-selling author come true by creating meaningful marketing strategies. Be it radio interviews, TV shows, podcasts, features, articles, news, or reviews, we use all these local and international coverage means to market your book. After all, we are not just an ordinary book marketing agency, we deliver more than we promise.

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Book Marketing Services

Years of Experience

Digital Book Labs has been serving in the book marketing industry since 1997 and has promoted more than 5000 books, some of which turned into best-selling books. We work on books of every genre and assist first-time authors as well as experienced ones.

Proven Track of Records

In this competitive industry, only firms that keep themselves rationalized with the latest updates can survive. Digital Book Labs has spent over two decades and has a track record of successfully marketing more than 5000 books.

Custom Book Promotion Services

Our book marketing services are designed to adjust the budgets. As a top book marketing agency, we analyse the market thoroughly and then create unique marketing strategies for each book. We also provide professional consultation services to our clients.

Top Book Marketing Company

Interested to know what makes our book marketing agency go? Have a peek into our ideology, philosophy, and management style that makes Digital Book Labs the best book promoting agency in the industry.
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Digital Book Labs was founded in 1997, as a single-person-operated company, which has now become a premier agency with a comprehensive range of book marketing services. Dan, who is the founder of Digital Book Labs, started this company as a single-room office, and it has now become a large book PR enterprise with strong relations in the publishing industry. Our influential media and publishing house connections have made us the best book promotors and allowed us to place the authors in the best position that provides them with secure media coverage, improves book sales, and provides them with more opportunities. We provide our book marketing services for books of all genres, be it a fiction book promotion or a non-fiction book promotion.

Whether the client needs traditional publishing, self-publishing, author marketing, or book marketing service, Digital Book Labs is the right firm for it. Our team meticulously creates strategies that help the book and the author reach their goals, regardless of the type of publishing method chosen.

In this busy world where businesses come and disappear, it can often be seen with book promotion companies. This makes book publicity a highly competitive niche of business in which those firms that do not comply with the modern trends may face hardships and eventually perish. Since we came into being in 1997, we have witnessed approximately 70% of book promotion agencies, book marketers, and book shops, close their doors permanently. What kept us going during these times is our commitment to provide authors with top-notch book publishing and marketing services using leading-edge tactics.

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Our satisfied clients are the core reason for our success and reputation in the industry. We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. The success of our clients is our motivation. Hence, our experts use an innovative approach and put conscious efforts into transforming the client’s ideas into a reality. By combining creativity, strategy, and technology, we make people’s dreams of becoming authors come true. Here’s what some of our clients say about our work