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Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Book Marketing And Publicity

We understand that you have questions about book marketing and our specific process for book publishing. In our experience, it is a great way to start a relationship with a client by addressing all their concerns and queries about our approach with their work and our other clients.

We believe that there are no stupid questions, you can ask us anything and everything you need to know to understand the book marketing world or our specific process in book publishing. Feel free to reach out to us and we have tried to answer your most frequently inquired questions below.

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Book Marketing And Sales

Simply put, yes. Many reviewers, media contacts, and even readers that get review copies tend to sell them online. Although it is against industry practices it does happen. However, we have had a good experience with most of our contacts and we can refrain from your getting your book out this way, we will engage only reliable sources to get proper reviews only.

It is the job of the distributors to get books into bookstores. At Digital Book Labs we make sure that you get the best media coverage for your book marketing. While you may need a distributor to get books on stalls, you should employ a book publishing team to devise your marketing strategy for that as well.

It is almost impossible to predict an exact figure or even a close call about the number of books that can be sold. It is only possible to predict the performance through the factors; author brand, book genre, and book quality/story. But experienced agencies can give you a promising idea of the potential of your book.

Components of Book Marketing Campaigns

Yes, absolutely. We at Digital Book Labs are very understanding that many young writers need some guidance about how to go about the publishing business. We are open to guiding book titles, cover designs, website content, Amazon content, deals with Goodreads, and other services. We are also open to helping with a long-term strategy of your book and its marketing.

At Digital Book Labs, we do not arrange for speaking sessions for our clients. But we position authors as speakers for many press releases which is quite helpful. We request our authors to share their desired organizations and associations. We then reach out to the media wings of these organizations; magazines, podcasts, blogs, etc. This has panned out well for most of our clients.

Well, no. We do not usually include book signings in our promotional campaigns. But if an author requests it then we will pitch it to the media wings of the relevant organizations. This will allow solid coverage for the event and be an impactful part of the book promotion.

It is not always that every book has the market for a mainstream audience. Hence, it is difficult to promote every book on the prime time platform. However, some books cater to a larger audience and the author can engage a television show audience so we do reach out to big channels and hook you up to them. It is very possible to land The Today Show through Digital Book Labs.

Yes, we can do that. However, as an expert in the field, we would recommend interacting with the local and regional media. The books that hold the attention of local and regional media; tv, radio, and newspaper have a higher probability to perform well on the national stage. Big media outlets have editors and journalists keeping an eye on the local and regional coverage for interesting work.

Of course, a majority of our campaign depends on the engagement done online. And we believe that rebroadcasting the successful results from the publicity campaigns is a way to populate social media with publicity placement. We have observed that this plays an effective role in boosting sales of the books and further it impressed media and potential readers.

Being in the business for a while now, we have designed a specific approach that works well for us. We know how the media wants to be engaged, some appreciate a phone call, others like a professional email. Some like specified pre-release data and book copies. We cater to all the media requirements individually and that has been successful so far. Our pitches vary for each media house.

The number of media houses that are contacted depends heavily on the genre of the book. It is in the interest of the author to engage the right media for the book promotions, we do contact a big list of media outlets but it is not the quantity of media that helps the marketing but reaching the right audience through the medium used.

How Does Digital Book Labs Work?

We are primarily dealing with the English language media in the United States. And cater to all the local, regional and national media in the country. But we are also engaging the Canadian media and have good relations and contacts with their media as well. Some clients demand an international outreach and we make it happen for them.

We are well aware of the passion and investment of the author in their book. And we respect and ensure that the maximum is derived and approved by the author. However, authors are not always aware of how the media industry operates neither are they aware of the social media demands and dynamics. And as specialists, we try to make some calls without the author but we always inform and involve the author.

Your status as a writer is irrelevant in our choice to work with you. But our firm is slightly larger than most in the business, we pride ourselves on our employee base and the creative and intellectual content we can produce with our manpower. It allows us to handle more clients but does not influence our choice of the client at all. You are welcome.

Yes, we do. We work on e-book marketing and have designed specialized techniques to cater to that segment of the market. We have worked with many e-book writers and done their marketing for them.

Oh, definitely. We are open to promoting all kinds of books, except ones with violent or discriminatory content. We believe hate will not and should not be promoted. Controversial books are a great publicity campaign. They allow a wider range of promotion techniques and have more people interested in the material.

Yes, we do. We have an international reach and engage with all English language media. Additionally, we have based with the Canadian media.

We are very involved with self-published artists. We have worked more with self-published authors than anyone else in the industry. We were the first marketing agency that secured the first-page article on The New York Times about a self-published book. We would like to take credit for changing the perception of self-published books in the industry by taking on many self-published authors.

With our vast and diverse experience in the field, we must have promoted a book similar to yours.

We officially started our work in 2001 as a firm. But Dan has been passionate for very many years about books and the publishing industry.

We can not promise anything. As a firm with a great reputation in the market and a diverse portfolio, we can land our clients and we have been fortunate that all our clients have been satisfied with our work.

The Author’s Role in Book Publicity Campaigns

Yes, we send out copies of your book to editors, journalists, reviewers, and some to readers as well. And to be able to fully benefit from their reviews and opinions we have to send out the books. We will need ARC (Advanced Review Copies) if you have got them.

From you, all we need is your book to be ready and published. If you are working with Advanced Review Copies then we can work with you months before the release of your book so we can reach out to media for magazine and trade publications. At the time of the campaign, we will require a few books to give out, about 100 copies.

Not really. Most of the promotional strategies can be performed from the comfort of your home; radio interview, interaction with editors via emails, or any conversation with magazines. But you will need to fly out for local, regional and national interviews.

At Digital Book Labs, we give you the option to disengage after a book publicity tour. And we will give you all the information regarding any offers and clients that have approached us about your work. Furthermore, we will forward to you all the queries we receive or any offers later on as well. This is a unique feature given to our clients only, not many agencies offer this service.

Not necessarily. We work with a publicist from around the world and much of our communication is through Skype and other networking platforms.

Honestly speaking, not much. We will ensure that we book all your interview and events with your available time. Although we might need your assistance with some selective pitches for the book tour, virtually we handle everything. From the interview, scheduling to press material to send out books.

We make our work an extremely collaborative process. It is the author's vision and our expertise that come to play in the campaign and it has to be a joined effort to achieve the maximum benefit. We discuss ideas, media angles, popular news, and bank on each of these elements to deliver the best results for the campaign.

The Costs of Professional Book Marketing

Not at all. Our agreements are quite straightforward. We abide by our put-out rules and regulations and ensure that every client is following them too. We have a flat fee for our publicity tour for any client and that is a consistent policy. However, we do require you to pay us the additional cost of sending books to media houses, that cost is limited and we return any that remains after the book publicity is wrapped.

The cost of publishing a book can vary significantly, depends on the package you prefer. Are you looking for a flat fee then it would be straight up charges, or would you like a monthly retainer which would require a monthly installment that can be paid overtime. Additionally, we offer consulting services and that can be facilitated in any budget. I would like to inform you that we do not provide percentage based services on book sales

Truth be told, most of the credibility of a good book comes from the author or the publishing house. In reality, almost anyone can get a magazine article published about a book. But it is not common for just anyone to be able to put out content from a leading news outlet or newspaper. It requires the right agency and contacts which only comes with a media agency on board.

It is difficult and frankly unfair to compare any business to another, each offers something unique to the clientele. Every agency has a vast portfolio, experience, packages, and specific deliverables. At Digital Book Labs, we believe our USP is to serve everyone. We can engage clients of every size and capacity and fulfill their needs and demands to the best of our abilities.

You can consider the PPP (Pay-per-payment) offer which offers the same results in many cases with a retainer-based campaign. For example, if you want to have your book be on the print media, but only a small part of a long article contains the name instead of a proper feature story then PPP seems like a more viable option providing better results

What is it Like Working with a Book Publicist?

It will vary from week to week. One week a publicist may be busy working on researching angles, media lists, pitching, and analyzing what will work best for the campaign. The other week may be filled with fielding requests and addressing questions from the media. The book marketing campaign is a fluid promotion; it is not pre-decided on what day which task will be conducted. It is quite free-flowing.

Not at all. There is no fixed number of publicists for a project. It varies according to the demand of the required project. Sometimes if a complex and big-budget client is going on extensive tours books with us then multiple publicists are attached to the project. Whereas, when a smaller client is relying on online promotion and engagement for most of their publicity, even one is enough.

We at Digital Book Labs have the policy to update our clients every week about all that was achieved in the week and all that is planned for the following week. It is important to update them about interviews, engagements with editors, and journalists. We also make sure to reach out regularly in the last few weeks of the book publishing.

Yes, of course. As industry professionals, we depend heavily on our service and contacts. We value them and in return, they provide us with benefits in the long run which we can help our clientele with.

As a rule, we at Digital Book Labs try to connect every publicist with the author that suits their style of work. To ensure good workflow and balance in projects, we assign projects to a publicist right after we have signed the agreement. In some cases, we book a certain publicity team for a client that has asked for one.

One of the major advantages of hiring Digital Book Labs is the layered team of assistants that will backup if your publicist is occupied. At Digital Book Labs, every publicity campaign has a bunch of people involved, a Publicist; handles the major campaign strategy and design, Publicity Team Manager, and Vice President of Publicity. This makes the process completely smooth and hassle-free for everyone.

Still Unable to Find an Answer to your Question?

As industry professionals, we engage with all authors and publishers to answer relevant questions. Our main aim is to convey our services and spread the message of the author in the right way by maximum media coverage.

It is important to know enough about book marketing before deciding for yourself. We are here to answer all your queries at Digital Book Labs. Reach out to us with all your queries.

Contact us for more information about our services and answers to any of your questions: or 415-891-1149 or [email protected]

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