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You have the best idea of the story but don’t have the expertise to share with the world. If it’s right, don’t worry. Convert your thoughts into a compelling story with affordable story writing services.

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Storytelling is the game to attract maximum readers; That’s what we do

Share your thoughts with us to let us help you in storytelling. At the digital book lab, our qualified team of story writing experts converts your ideas related to your business, individuals, and non-profits. We aim to convert your story compellingly for maximum exposure in the digital world and a lot of sales. We deliver a quality product at affordable prices by using the best storytelling solutions. We serve as a helping hand to let you achieve your goals. We also provide effective story writing services to market your work. Get professional assistance for a storybook or educational guide publishing, sharing it on different online platforms with a brief content with your clear understanding of thoughts. Work with us and stay connected as we will help you find the best way to make a strong connection with your targeted readers.

Affordable story writing services – How can we help you?

We promise to take your business and strengthen your relations with your clients via the best story writing solutions. We have a team of qualified story writing experts who are willing to help with the following facilities.

Proposal writing

We convert your book ideas into the bestselling book proposal as per your requirements. We make the product eligible to publish on any popular publication program. We strive to make your dreams into reality by using effective marketing strategies, the best story writing solutions, and making a full-fledged outline. All we need to your ideas, requirement list, and two sample chapters so that we have an idea of what type of writing material you want.

Curriculum development

We convert your ideas, book, or a series of sermons and training materials into a well-designed curriculum. We offer this service with or without DVD.

Ebook writing

Collaborative writing – We deal with different writing tasks such as ineffective manuscript, speaking audio files and other related material. We convert these things into well-researched books or a curriculum. Our qualified team of story writing experts prefers taking your interview to know which kind of work you want. We ask you the ideas you have written in your journal or note cards for converting them into a book.

Blogging/Writing coaching

Professional story writing companies take responsibility to edit and complex blog posts into the world’s best reading material with our qualified team of writing experts. We serve you to receive remarkable success in the future among the best publishing experts. We build your platform and brand voice to attract maximum readers.

Video Testimonials

Our satisfied clients are the core reason for our success and reputation in the industry. We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. The success of our clients is our motivation. Hence, our experts use an innovative approach and put conscious efforts into transforming the client’s ideas into a reality. By combining creativity, strategy, and technology, we make people’s dreams of becoming authors come true. Here’s what some of our clients say about our work