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Resources and Professional Opinion Advice for Book Marketing

ARC:It stands for Advanced Reader Copy of a book; these are sent to the publishing house or the editors for review. This is not the complete or final outlook of the book. There are some errors and typographical issues with this piece of the book and can be edited later on.

Assisted Self-Publishing:Assisted Self-Publishing is the process of transferring the work of editing, formatting, printing, and marketing onto someone else, usually the printer does this job and provides these extra services to complete the process of book writing and publishing.

Author Brand:The reputation is the author's brand; includes the image, identity, and style. Much like a product. It is the recognizability of the author and their reason for popularity. This does not include the stylistic representations included in the book, the book cover for example which includes title format, designs, and logos. The author's brand is based on the relation of the author to his fans and his unique voice that has garnered attention from this public. One of the main aims of a publishing company is to develop an author brand for the marketing campaigns to develop a connection with the audience.

Author Platform:Author platforms include all the elements used in a promotional campaign to advertise the book; website, social media noise, professional connections, influencers, and media coverage of the book as well.

Author Promotion:Author promotion is to use the author’s personality and image for the promotion of the book more than the book itself. It is done to create the author's brand, gather more opportunities for them and attract other opportunities as well.

Book Promotion:This is just another terminology used for book marketing and publicity of the book.

Booker:It refers to the person that schedules people in for radio and television interviews; time, sample questions, etc.

News Features:It is an interesting story or article in a print outlet that has coverage about the topic of the book, but the important thing is the additional elements added to the feature which are quotes by other authors or relevant expert opinions about the topic.

Op-Ed:An opinion piece written by an author that is printed or placed next to the editor’s piece.

Partnership Publishing:Another word to describe this process is called hybrid publishing; where the author and publisher collaborate for mutual gain. The author gets higher royalties than in self-publishing, and the publisher gets a book out to the public.

PPC:Google tools include PPC, which is Pay-per-Click. The adverts appear on the top and bottom of the page and if a viewer clicks on the advertisement, then it is charged. PPC has a bidding element based on the topic and search volume. PPC is not very effective in book promotions, but for a niche with special interests, it can generate excellent ROI.

Print Heavy Campaigns:The book campaigns are mostly dependent on the coverage of newspapers, magazines, and online promotion.

Run:A ‘run’ is basically when a media interest in someone’s work translates to an interview about their work.

Self-Publishing/Indie Publishing:Self-publishing is a simple way for authors to publish books and avail of additional services like book marketing, paid book signing, book display at industry trade shows, and other services. Self-publishers enjoy higher royalties than regular publishing conventionally.

SEO/SEM:It refers to Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing. It is the process of employing tools such as keywords, strategic content, and links to ensure a website ranks higher than it does in organic searches. Authors can use this technique to infuse keywords in their websites with high search volume.

Wire Service:It is the news stories that are sent to subscribing or member newspapers, even television and radio stations.

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